I realize you have many choices when trying to decide what to do for your child's special day, that is why I work very hard to make sure you don't regret choosing Never Grow Up. I have tried to include all the information on this web site that I believe a parent would want to know. You will find written and video testimonials, images and the services I provide explained completely on this web site. I have done this to make it simple and easy for you to make a decision. I appreciate your interest in Never Grow Up and want you to know that I truly care about and value every opportunity I am given to entertain at children's events.

"Steve was very entertaining and professional. Everybody had fun and we definitely got what we were looking for. It was money well spent."
A. Chaudhary, Duluth GA

Thanks for the great party. Everyone was talking about it. You work hard to earn your money and it was worth every penny. Thank you again for a great time and for great memories." Laura, Sammy and Olivia Jordan, Douglasville GA
Magically Serving the Children of Georgia.
When considering who will entertain at your child's party:

Does the entertainer specialize in children's entertainment for the age of your child and friends who will be attending the party?

Does the entertainer have a web site with both written and video testimonials from happy parents (
News & Reviews), Images and a full explanation about the show and service they will provide? This is a special event for your child and family, you want it to be worry free and a day your child, friends and family will remember for a long time after the party. You Don't want make a mistake( *CLICK HERE* ). Whoever you hire, please make sure they will bring the type of show you want at your event.


Is the entertainer a full time professional with years of experience only entertaining children or is he/she a magician for all events? In Atlanta there are many "hobbyist" , week-end part timer's and adult magicians who think doing a child's party is an easy way to supplement their income.

When an entertainer submits a quote for your event ask...

1) How much experience do you have entertaining children? Reviews and Testimonials?
2) Is there an extra charge for travel to your location and setup time? If so, How Much?
3) How many children who attend the party will your quote cover? If more children than anticipated
show up for the party, will there be additional fees?

4) Does your pricing include balloons for all the children at the party or just the birthday child?
5) Do you make a live bunny appear? (Please do NOT under estimate the value of a live bunny (Click Here) at your party)

I specialize in performing for children age 4-8 years old. I  have performed educational programs for Pre-K Learning Center students in Georgia and South Carolina, Character Education Assembly programs in Elementary Schools and thousands of birthday parties all over metro Atlanta.

I am NOT a magician for All occasions. I have spent many years doing only one thing... learning how to entertain children. It is the ONLY thing I do. Children age 4-8 years old think I am HILARIOUS and I understand what is "magic" to young children. I spend countless hours researching, developing routines and props that are safe, magical and fun for very young audiences. For children it is the "Journey" and NOT the "Destination"... young children want to laugh and have fun. NeverGrowUpMagic will deliver that type of event and show, I guarantee it.
article from
MAGIC Magazine - April 2008 - Turn it Around by David Kaye, a.k.a. Silly Billy

"And now boys and girls, Lori will hold my wrist and I will tell by her unconscious movements which paper bag does not have the knife under it. Come on, Lori! Hold my wrist. You are five years old now. Be a grown up! Oh, don't cry! You're a big girl now, five years old don't cry. Lori.... Lori? Oh geez, give her some air!"

The Birthday party world is littered with stories about magicians doing inappropriate tricks for kids. Eating fire, the MAK Magic Sawing in half, the guilotine, the bra trick and the knife trick. I have heard stories about them all.
Many of these mistakes are made by adult performers who don't really understand what it takes to perform magic for children.

Do you have liability Insurance?

Answer: Yes, I have entertainers liability insurance and a current Georgia State Criminal Background check. I am also a non smoker.

Can you perform outdoors?

I am not able to perform outdoors because of my equipment and backdrop. I use some custom made props in my show and must protect my investment so I can continue to provide excellent children’s entertainment. You also need to consider the many outside distractions... wind, sun, rain, lawnmowers, the neighbors dog, bees, wasps, UFO’s ... etc

How much room do you need?

The NeverGrowUpMagic show is live magical theater brought to your home, but it doesn't require a great deal of room. The backdrop, tables and case will all fit in an average sized living or family room. The children will sit on the floor.
I have never had a problem with space.

How many children should I invite?

10 -25 children make a great party. I do not charge extra for large parties, so you should invite as many children as you would like.

What is the best age for your magic show?

I specialize in shows for younger audiences age 4-8 years old. This is what makes me different from other performers in my area. Everything I do, props, routines and comedy are created for children age 4-8 years old. No adult tricks and no adult humor.

Do you perform large tricks like making the birthday child “float”?

Answer: I feel that all tricks should be safe and fun. Some of the larger tricks can frighten small children and can fail injuring your child.

What time should I start the party?

Answer: I would suggest you start the party 30 minutes prior to showtime. This will give everybody enough time to arrive and get excited about the magic show.
Question: Can the adults stay and watch the show?

Answer: Yes!!! They will love show and the children’s response to my show will be priceless.

Can I take pictures and video the show?

Answer: You can take all the still pictures you would like. You may video parts of the show
but not the entire show. Because of copyright issues the video cannot be broadcast
in any way ( YouTube etc.)

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept Credit Card and Cash payment. Credit Card payment is the preferred method of payment. I process credit card payment using either Square or Pay Pal.
I cannot accept personal checks, Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS.

Question: Will I receive confirmation once I have booked a show?

Answer: Yes, I will email a confirmation that will confirm date, time and location of your party. It will show my fee and have some valuable information for you about my show. This will confirm that your entertainment is scheduled with no worries or unanswered questions. I have worked very hard to make this an easy process and help you make your childs special day something he or she will never forget.

I want to thank you for your interest in Never Grow Up and I appreciate that you took the time to visit my web site. I hope I have answered your questions.

I hope this helps and I look forward to talking to you...

In order to provide the highest quality show possible, I can only accept a limited number of birthday party bookings. In doing so, my birthday party schedule fills up very quickly. This assures that each person will receive the highest quality show. In order to increase your chance
of booking the show please call me today.

I am the busiest children's entertainer in the Atlanta area,


(678) 591-0018