article from MAGIC Magazine - April 2008 - Turn it Around by David Kaye, a.k.a. Silly Billy

"And now boys and girls, Lori will hold my wrist and I will tell by her unconscious movements which paper bag does not have the knife under it. Come on, Lori! Hold my wrist. You are five years old now. Be a grown up! Oh, don't cry! You're a big girl now, five years old don't cry. Lori.... Lori? Oh geez, give her some air!"

The Birthday party world is littered with stories about magicians doing inappropriate tricks for kids. Eating fire, the MAK Magic Sawing in half,
the guilotine, the bra trick and the knife trick. I have heard stories about them all. Many of these mistakes are made by adult performers who don't really understand what it takes to perform magic for children.